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D31MI – Management Information Systems in Construction


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D31MI – Management Information Systems in Construction

BIM for Green Design in Interior Design D31MI –Construction Practice and IT Jamila Taher Merchant
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Abstract: Designing green building design is a growing field that requires technologies and computer simulations created on Building Information Modeling (BIM) design process. To achieve a green building design, project teams are using BIM of its ability to analyze and simulate several interior design scenes. Nevertheless, interior designers need to understand BIM design process for effective green solutions as there is a gap in the technological approach in achieving a green design in interior design. This paper aims at discussing green simulations and analyses in interior design by reviewing prescriptive and visual analysis, and visualization and wed-based external simulations. This will be supported by relevant case studies in the past 3 years in the field of interior design. Hence, BIM and BIM related external building performance simulation and analysis helps to green design in interior design. Finally, this paper will confer on educational issues using BIM related simulations and challenges and benefits of using green simulations in interior designing projects. Keywords: Green simulations, External building performance, Interior design

1.1 Introduction The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the most widespread trend in technology to be used in architecture and design (A&D) in today’s day and time. Moreover, sustainability and designing green has become a trend and to achieve better design decisions during the process, technologies and computer simulations are relied on. Project teams for green building design have rapidly enhanced their practices by using BIM and BIM based simulations as they have identified its capabilities. This is because the traditional practice of designing a separate model for building performance has been overtaken by BIM technology where there is a direct input of building geometry to the analysis programs (Khemlani, 2009). For more complete design solutions, A&D companies use BIM and BIM related external simulation tools (Herjeczki, 2010). BIM technology should be used from the start of the project to have inputs from various design professionals to solve complex green design solutions. There requires a change from the traditional method of involving sustainable design professionals, once the design has been finalized. BIM in the design process should be used as concept (29%) and schematic design (40%) (Young, Jones, Bernstein & Gudgel, 2009). This collaborative team design approach will cause fewer errors with a sustainable design. However, interior designers do not play an important role in this approach. Even when a collaborative team design approach is followed, interior designers are very rarely a part of it. This is because the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) have a technology gap in achieving a green design solution. Thus, to achieve sustainable interior environments and for interior designers to be part of the collaborative team approach, they have to be educated for the critical functions of BIM related simulations.

D31MI – Management Information Systems in Construction

This paper will provide a background for incorporating BIM related green design simulations for interior designers and how it can be integrated in to the design process. The research and study...
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