Bim: Advancement in Construction Technology

Topics: Building Information Modeling, Construction, Autodesk Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: February 1, 2013
1.0The issue Defined

1.1General Background
Back in the day before there were computers the whole construction process was done by pen and paper from the bidding process to the actual drawings themselves. Since the innovation of the computer and interactive software these processes have gotten much more efficient. There have been many programs that ease the construction process. Such programs include, drawing software (AutoCad), spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel), programs to assist with estimating (Plan Swift), planning and scheduling software (Microsoft Project), the internet as well as e-mail. There have always been minor updates on these programs but have mostly remained with the same basic purpose. Within the last 5 years a new state of the art program developed by AutoDesk using 3D Modeling has been integrated into many large jobs in Canada while in the USA it has been used regularly for about 10 years. This program is called Building Information Modeling and for short, BIM. There are many companies that do not know about BIM or have heard of it but have never used it or seen it being used. 1.2Specific Background

The purpose of this report is to inform people within the construction industry about the available software and the importance of 3D modeling throughout the entire construction process. Hopefully this report will convince many people to incorporate BIM into their projects more often. Also, students should be learning about BIM in college programs and should also be an elective within high schools along with AutoCad. 1.3Thesis Statement

Can 3D Modeling technology improve production control in the construction process? 1.4Explanation of Methodology
Throughout this technical report, research on the rise of 3D Modeling will be analyzed and broken down to the reader through secondary research obtained from various online newspaper and magazine articles and academic articles recarding the subject. This research will be used to identify...
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