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Billy Mills

By | November 2012
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Running Brave Dakota Rice
1. Billy Mills is the main character, and Coach is one too being the head coach of the track team, and pat was one also. 2. The supporting characters are Frank, who is Billy`s best friend, and Billy`s roommate. I can`t remember the name. 3. Billy Mills, an Indian boy from Kansas goes to college and runs track for KSU. He endures a lot of racism and hatred towards him because of the tone of his skin. He overcomes the obstacles and still runs. Billy eventually quits the team and joins the military, where he got in shape for the Olympics and won his event. 4. Running was his freedom, the one thing that he could do and get away from all adversity. It was spiritual because of the story`s Billy`s grandfather used to tell him. 5. He had to give up the way he ran, and the way he wanted to run and train for the team. (or coach) 6. Billy was used to doing what he wanted. Running when and where he wanted. Going to Kansas changed the way he looked at running. He started to not like it because of the win at all cost attitudes. 7. He was called chief by the security guard when he thought he caught Billy peeping in to the girl`s dorms. His friend came to Pats house and said this is a white man’s home to Billy and they left saying he was white. His coach saying something about letting up against the other “Indian boy”. His roommate calling him Indian when he was moving into his dorm room. Coach saying something about all non-white runners always quit and will never make it. 8. I probly would have quit and went back to my home where I knew I belonged and where they would all accept me for who and what I was. 9. I didn’t even think anything of it until I seen this film. But now that I ask I think it is a great way to spread the respect, and show it. 10. I thought the film was great and I would tell people that haven’t watched it to do so. For an older film it really was...

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