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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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When compared with the other boys of his age, it is obvious that Billy Elliot is different. From Billy’s first glimpse of a ballet class in the gym, a new world opens up for him in which he begins to enjoy ballet and learns to become true to himself. Undoubtedly, this incident marks the beginning of Billy’s new identity. Furthermore, a scene of a black and white film of Fred Astaire, a stage dancer, dancing in front of a group of other dancers, is shown. This film can be where Billy first finds an interest for dancing, because in the preceding scene, Billy is shown tapping his feet with a stick of wood, like the dancers in the film. The fact that Billy watches the film and uses the interest he derives from dancing to do ballet, comes to show that Billy is indeed seeking an identity for himself. As soon as Billy realizes that he wants to become a ballet dancer, he takes the measures to fulfill his dream. However, the strong contrast between Billy’s desire and the attitude of the hardened miners of his town imposes obstacles for him. When Billy starts taking ballet lessons instead of boxing, he secretly makes the transition. Unfortunately for Billy, his father finds out he is doing ballet and makes it clear that he wants him to stop. However, Billy completely ignores his father and begins taking private lessons with Mrs. Wilkinson. This incident shows the depth of Billy’s willingness. For, he risks getting caught by his father again and infuriating him further, when his father is already troubled by the economic turmoil caused by the miner’s strike. In addition, when Billy needs to learn more about ballet in order to perfect his skills, he goes to the library and finds a book on ballet. Not being able to sign it out, Billy steals the book. This courageous act is an example of Billy’s determination, because he risks getting in trouble for stealing, but worst of all, being seen with the book by his father and brother. While Billy attempts to improve his skills, he...
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