Billy Elliot Short Answer

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  • Published : May 17, 2007
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Billy Elliot: Discussion or Writing topics.

1.When Billy describes his dancing and the feeling that he gets from it he says that he forgets everything and feels as if there's a fire in his body and that he feels he disappears. I believe that Billy is describing his feeling of freedom in a world were for him, freedom is almost unattainable in many circumstances. I got this feeling earlier today, driving through the country-side, through open paddocks and fields with rolling slopes and the mountains in the background. I felt peaceful and free and as if nothing mattered. 2.When the boy had to shift schools to escape persecution because he did ballet it is to me an indication that that school was probably quite a rough school. At my school I think that a boy who did ballet would probably be stirred but not treated harshly. He may be bullied if he acted superior to others or wasn't a very ‘manly' sort of boy but probably not to the extent of changing schools. Children will often accept people if they are confident in a natural way about who they are and they don't try to impress others. If the ballet boy was like this then I doubt he would be bullied very much at all. 3.If I wanted to be a ballet dancer I think that I would have trouble justifying doing it to myself. I suppose if I wanted it badly enough then I would do it. I think that if I actually started ballet then I wouldn't have a huge problem telling people about it. Something that would help me to do that is the fact that current AFL legend (supposedly a manly sport); James Hird did ballet as a child.

Friendship/Sexual Orientation
4.Billy was right to maintain his relationship even after he realised that Michael was gay because it's not that Michael asked to be gay and more importantly it doesn't change who he is or the quality's or character that Billy be-friended him because of. As long as boundaries are set mutually the friendship will still survive as long as it is a real friendship. 5....
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