Billy Elliot Opening Sequence

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Opening Sequence
* Scene begins with Billy jumping on his bed wearing a yellow singlet. The singlet symbolises both childhood and his working class background. The bright colour stands out against the grey wash of his natural world, suggesting that he has a bright future * “I was dancing when I was 12”. Lyrics foreshadow the context of the play. Dancing comes naturally to him, he was destined to dance * Characterisation shown as he’s jumping around like a child typically does; but feet and legs move diligently, precise fingers and feet. Jumping up and down: dreams clash with reality. Close up of him jumping off the bed creates a sense of surrealism, the idea that dancing is a form of escapism from his tough life. * Juxtaposition of scenes as tracking shot moves to a disorganised, busy kitchen; where the absence of mother is shown. From a young age he has high expectations and responsibilities placed on him as he’s role is to look after his grandma. * Characterisation: Hitting head on pegs, playfully catching toast. * When he realises grandma is missing he doesn’t act surprised; typical of his daily routine. Contrast in behaviour as he acts with sincerity, gentleness and respect when he finds her; mature. * Runs past little girl: Representing all the forgotten children who can’t escape from the restricted world they are living in * Nature with violent background is juxtaposition of Billy’s life. This shows the constant police presence and violent world he is living in. Both are fighting for change; Billy wants to change the world he lives in and to be accepted and miners want to be noticed from the government (Long shot). * Introduced to the harshness of his reality, restricting his ability to move into the world. Reality: dancing, strike and responsibilities/expectations Piano Scene

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