Billy Elliot

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  • Published : October 16, 2010
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Barriers prevent individuals from transitioning into a “new world” however overcoming these barriers serve compensate the individual in an array of manners. Therefore yes I do agree with this perspective as this is evident in the feature film “Billy Elliot” by Stephen Daldry and the short story “Only Ten” by Allan Baillie. The composers of these texts convey to the audience that moving “into the world” can encompass many benefits. In “Billy Elliot” many barriers prevent Billy from entering the world of dance. One such barrier is the lack of support by his family. However, Billy’s persistence to dance eventually pays off as when he moves into a “new world” he brings those around him into it with him. Jackie, Billy’s father has grown up in a male dominated, violent and stereotypical world thus is strongly against Billy’s pursuit of Ballet. This is evident when Jackie explains to Billy that ballets “not for lads, Billy”. The dialogue between Jackie and Billy conveys Jackie’s outlooks on the situation and coupled with the aggressive tone makes it clear to Billy he does not want him to do ballet. This can however be contrasted to the final scene where Billy’s persistence or pursuing pays off because as he moves into a “new world” he gains the significant reward of watching his father move into a “new world”. In the final scene a mid-shot of Jackie conveys that Jackie is very proud of Billy’s achievements. The body language and facial expressions convey that Jackie has moved into a “new world” from a stereotypical, male dominated world into a world of acceptance. Thus it is true that moving into the world can allow to gain rewards such as witnessing a loved one move into a “new world”. Moving into a “new world” can allow characters to express their individuality. Michael, Billy’s best child hood friend moves into a “new world”. At the beginning Michael only dresses up in feminie attire at home evident in the full shot of him and Billy. This conveys that Michael only...
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