Billy Budd

Topics: Herman Melville, Billy Budd, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Alexandria Cooker
English 102 M
“Billy Budd” Annotated Bibliography
4 March 2013

AMERICAN LITERATURE, June 1997;  Copyright 1997 by H. Bruce Franklin

In this article posted on a Rutgers University page, it is discussed that the story of “Billy Budd” written by Herman Melville, subject is “capitol punishment and its history.” Throughout the nineteenth century capitol punishment was even an even more cruel and unusual punishment. Many argue that the capitol punishment was for people in power to show their people that they were truly powerful. Billy Budd was a story although it had a central theme of capitol punishment many people have overlooked it because of the American movement against this punishment. Slightly prior to the story of Billy Budd, the degrees of murder had been discussed and the extremities of punishments had been lessened with each degree.

“Symbols and Symbolism in ‘Billy Budd’ “
By Nicole Smith
In the story of Billy Budd the author, Herman Melville, use of symbolism makes the story more in depth and connects it with other meanings. The character, Billy Budd, represents innocence and purity. The character is not only innocent the way he looks adds to the symbolism of innocence. Melville uses this symbolism to add a religious background, relation the character to Jesus, even though “the greatest innocence cannot be perfect.” The innocence of Billy Budd also plays on the rest of the world being the complete opposite of innocent, evil, such as the character Claggart. Claggart was considered ugly and there was something physically wrong with him. Melville was symbolizing that even the most innocent people are not perfect.

Exploring Homoeroticism in Herman Melville’s Novella Billy Budd, Sailor By Dana Sliva

In the story of Billy Budd, an underlying theme could be homosexuality. Billy Budd is considered a very innocent and “Christ-like” figure. The foil of Billy Budd is Claggart, who is homosexual, admits to being attracted to...
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