Billy Bonzai

Topics: Bonsai, Disadvantage, Customer service Pages: 3 (426 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Billy Bonzai

I. Point of View

The case was analyzed from the point of view of Mr. Hidayat.

II. Objectives

• To provide the clients with excellent services.

• To allow the employees to work systematically and consistently.

• To establish a win – win proposition for both the company and its clients.

III. The Problem

What should the management do in order to lessen the unproductiveness of its employees and provide excellent services to its clients?

IV. Facts of the Case

• Billy joined Kandapon in 1980 as a twenty-two year old casual hire.

• He was bright and personable as a working student and eventually completing a law degree.

• The occasional sale of a bekisar, as a side-line, could turn in a tidy profit.

• In 1980, Billy also began to pursue the growing of bonsai trees in earnest.

• Billy took advantage of any lull in the work to leave the office to attend to his hobbies.

• Mistakes in disconnecting lines which were up to date on their payments or delays in the reconnection of lines after payments had been made provoked noisy complaints.

V. Alternative Courses of Actions

1. The management must conduct an employees’ performance evaluation regularly in order to measure the individuality’s effectiveness and efficiency to its tasks. Advantages:
o Employees who are performing their respective tasks will earn merits. o Customers’ complaints will be lessen.
o There is a sense of satisfaction.
o It is a long way and complicated process.
o Some employees might find it bias.
o Additional costs will be incurred.
2. Review the company’s policy in terms of employees’ code of ethics and customers’ relations.

o Employees will know its limitations. Thereby, unnecessary hobbies unrelated to the job description specified will be minimized. o Proper systems of work will...
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