Billy Bonzai

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Billy’s inability to get promoted without uprooting his family seems to be the reason for his work ethic. He has a wife and two children and the only option given to him was to move to the province. It takes a lot of incentives to encourage employees to move from the city to somewhere rural. There will be immeasurable social costs and opportunity lost for the employee and their family. Due to his lack of job satisfaction and without a pay raise, he turned to bonsai and bekisar for extra cash and found himself a past time and a source of extra cash.

Billy has been with the company for 7 years, moving up the ranks to 5 out of 17 pay grades. He is well educated and has shown competence in the past. He can do his job and do it well but he has been unmotivated. If I let his behavior slide, our customer satisfaction will deteriorate incredibly. Nothing will be fixed in the way we do business and it will only get worse as collections switch over to new management. When it finally gets too bad that I would need to do something drastic such as firing him, it will be too late, this company has already lost an asset and with it possibly our market share of unhappy customers. He has been here longer than his supervisors; he provides continuity to the process and the office. I believe he has great potential once we find what drives him and turn him around to the stellar employee he once was.

I will talk to Billy and discuss with him my observation of his job performance. I will listen to any complains or problems he may have in his current position. I would like to know his motivations and long-term career goals with the company. From what I gather he is probably already burnt out doing the same job for 7 years; Unmotivated from doing that job with no incentive of upward mobility. If my inferences were correct, I would talk to him about his commitment to stay with the company and have a plan for him if he chooses to take my offer.

I plan on offering him a new...
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