Billy as an Alienated Hero

Topics: Spirituality, Materialism, Primitive culture Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Billy as an alienated Hero
In Joshi's other novel The Strange case of Billy Biswas the novelist explores the mystical urge, an ardent impulsive compulsion of the protagonist Billy Biswas, as against his brilliant academic career and belonging to a creamy upper crust of Indian elite society. Joshi utilizes Billy’s strong primitive urge, a force urkraft to probe into the inner decay and sterility of modernism, materialism and non-abeyance with Nature, the great teacher. Besides being a record of an existential protest against the superficialities of a grossly materialistic civilization it revels in a romantic nostalgia for the simple mode of life of the primitive people. Both the concepts get approval from our Indian traditional ethos. In support of these essential creeds Joshi has introduced esoteric themes regarding Primordial. Forces, Evolution of the universe according to Tantric system, Sankya system of union of Prakriti with Purush, impact of worlds beyond this planet upon the mortals, faceless God in ancient temples, birth and rebirth, incarnation, fate, significance of waiting, communion with nature and above all liberation from the fetters of mind consciousness reach out to the vitalizing spirit of Life. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas is a captivating story wherein Billy Biswas, with sophisticated parents, beautiful rich wife and a handsome child, just escapes into the forests and is in search of his true inner being, urged incessantly from his teens by, a mysterious clairvoyant call of a primordial force unsuppressed in spite of Billy’s hectic effort. Billy is the most futile cry of a man who suffers from extraordinary obsessions for primitivism which makes him insane to the onlookers. He had to chase the phantom that appears before him unknown to others, to the very ends of the earth, being unable to resist its faceless temptation. In his struggle to get out of the rut of the degraded cultured humanity to the nature’s primordial abode of infinite...
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