Billing System Documentation

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Table of Contents
1.1Project Context----------------------------------------1 1.2Statement of the Problems -------------------------- 6
1.3Statement of Goals----------------------------------- 7 1.4Significance of the Study-----------------------------9 1.5Scope and Limitations------------------------------- 10 1.6Definition of Terms-----------------------------------13

2.1Review of Related Systems--------------------------16

3.0TECHNICAL BACKGROUND-----------------------------21

4.1Methods of the Study---------------------------------27 4.2Research Instruments--------------------------------31 4.3Construction and Validation of the Instruments-----33
4.4Gathering and Collection of Data--------------------34 4.5Conceptual Design
4.5.1Database Design-------------------------------35
4.5.2Database Diagram----------------------------36
4.6Block Diagram
4.6.1System Flowchart-----------------------------37
4.6.2Data Flow Diagram---------------------------38
4.7System Architecture
4.7.1Hardware Requirements---------------------39
4.7.2Software Requirements----------------------39
4.7.3Detailed Network-Setup---------------------40


The group’s project is to create a Record Keeping and Billing System in Dr. Marlo E. Zuñiga`s Clinic. Today, computerization is a major advancement in technology that helps in many ways: it makes information storage easier and faster thus it can save a lot of time and manpower, and many tasks are done in a certain amount of time. Great amount of time is being consumed by information retrieval and the billing process of most Clinic`s today without computer generated system is slow.

1.1Background of the Study

1.2Statement of the Problem
1.2.1General Problem
How to design, develop and implement an automated billing and record keeping system for Dr. Marlo Zuñiga`s Clinic which includes the records of all the patient in the clinic and their bills.

1.2.2Specific Problem to know the difference between the manual system and the proposed system to know the profiles of the correspondents in terms of:

1.5Contact No.; to provide an easy and advanced way in keeping records of the patients and their bills.

1.3Statement of Goals
1.3.1General Goal
To design, develop and implement an automated billing and record keeping for Dr. Mario Zuñiga`s Clinic which includes a windows-based viewing, creating an advanced system that could handle the records and bills of the patient.

1.3.2Specific Goals computerize medical records and billing and to make it paperless. computerize records keeping of patients. provide an automated module that will enable to keep the records of the patient and their bills.

1.4Significance of the Study
1.4.1For the Clinic
The study will serve as a new instrument for the technological advancement that greatly benefits Dr. Marlo E. Zuñiga`s Clinic. This computerized system is intended to lessen the manpower which will lead to a faster and more accurate billing process for the profitability of the clinic. 1.4.2For the Personnel

The job of the employees will become more accurate and efficient through the use of the proposed system. This leads to less error which saves time and energy on the sides of the workers. Personnel can also focus on other tasks assigned that will make them more productive. 1.4.3For the Patients

The service of the Dr. Marlo E. Zuñiga`s Clinic to the patient will become more convenient. Less time will be consumed during the payment process. This will also lessen time for the patients to wait for computations of the pharmacy billing. The study is also expected to...
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