Topics: Advertising, Metro Manila, Makati City Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 13, 2013
A billboard is a large advertising structure, sign or poster people usually see on freeways, highways and streets. It gives a visual advertising to passing pedestrians and drivers. The things you see on a billboard are slogans, brand name, picture of the product and the models. Advertising using a billboard is the most common very efficient way of promoting something. People can easily see a billboard because it is huge and it is very creative. There are different types of billboards. First, the painted billboard which the artist is going to trace a line and he will paint on the traced line. Second, is the digital billboard. The artist creates from computer programs and software. The last one is the inflatable billboard. The artist is using an inflatable object to advertise the product or service.

Nowadays, billboards are always featuring male and female models as an advertiser for their product. One of the most popular products that models are endorsing are underwear and swimwear. 1.1 AIM

The aim of this report is that, to identify the ratio of women to men when it comes to underwear and swimwear models.

The focus of this research is that the researcher will only focus in underwear and swimwear models of billboards.

Nowadays, people are being used to endorse a product which are eye-catching because often seen in billboards are large and creative images. According to this article, another thing which is a good part of advertising is that, the models themselves are able to display their gorgeous bodies which are good or attracting customers to buy their products which are underwear and swimwear. Especially in summer, swimwear and underwear are trending amongst the people because of the weather and most likely for vacation and outings.

The researcher used descriptive method. It consists of information and data gathered by the researcher.  The main goal...
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