Bill Viola

Topics: Video art, Contemporary art, Postmodern art Pages: 7 (2396 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Conceptual framework Artist
Raised in Queens in New York He had an English mother and American father He studied at Syracuse university He has a fine arts degree He is a part of the rainforest project “the real is considered to be only what can be touches, named, observed and recorded. Viola’s installations aim to transcend the material world He has re-contextualised art making of the past through using new technology. His work has the same reaction from the audience but with new technology. He encapsulates you “as a technological artist of today” Artwork

Uses influences of high culture of that time, and popular culture (simular to frank Gehry ) Use of new technologies No dialogue or narrative in his works so audience can reflect on their life experiences He uses costumes, props, lighting, actors  diversity of means Lighting techniques and compost ion of past renaissance works. Viola attempts to use his artworks to stimulate a sense of empathy and thoughtfulness. Visual codes of water, light Intertextual  he uses a diverse range of symbols and cultures and influences Subjective for the audience , contemplate and inner reflection for the audience to gain a deeper experience His works relate to extreme emotion All deal with the human experience of over whelming temperamental and leaves us transformed and changed Human condition He hopes audience will slow down and understand their day to day life through a new contemplate reflection. The diversity of technologies and fast paces of life Subject matter  there isn’t enough time for people to experience genuine emotion Works are all stories behind people’s emotions (as we don’t know what their upset about , his works becomes a projection screen for ourselves When working with a group (actors), he has to speak to people individually about their own life experiences rather than directing them as a group Shot at 240 frames a second (high definition film) 10 more times more information than a normal recording to really see and slow down and contemplate the human condition Digital cutting edge technology used for editing (similar to Frank Gehry powerful impact on audience , one through video one through sculpture ) Process: 1.His work comes first from writing, as he gets his influences from texts. 2. Actors of a certain look and feel through auditions (without a script because there is no dialogue , so he gives them an exercise to do eg a poem )people who make their bodies apart of the work 3. Expanding vision in all its manifestations , becomes an event like a flower opening. Your mind allows you to catch up with the image and contemplate because of the extreme slow motion Finding where the nature images of landscapes and electronic images, where he went to nature to find these images (Canada and desert) Re-contextualises and appropriates artworks Video – part of daily life, using what is apart of popular culture and making high art World

CONTEMPORARY WORLD 21st century society and its technology – fast pace of society, rapid moving and transforming contemporary world threatens to engulf humanity Relationship between society and world = crucially important Postmodern art refers to art of the present time that is experimental and challenged traditional ideas. Reacting againt society which is dominated by electronic media, video, photography and performance art.  mass mediated and technological driven society Due to the fast pace of contemporary work people have a lack of ability and time to reflect and understand the true meaning of life. Audience

Viola provokes an audience to contemplate and engage in self discovery Viola invites an audience to participate both spiritually and intellectually “he wants each image to be the first image to shine with the intensity of its own first-born being Subjective under their own life Viola intends that the images represented in “the passions” series become a projection of the audiences own...
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