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Bill of Rights Comparison

Animal farm is an allegoric novel which has a very interesting story to it. The story is about animals in a farm and the owner “Mr. Jones”. Animal Farm allegorizes the rise to power of the dictator Joseph Stalin. In the movies “Animal Farm” and the Harrison Bergeron film they have rules some rules of equality they share and the bill of rights is a set of rules ensuring our freedom and helping us have some more privileges that can’t be taken away or changed unlike animal farm where Napoleon changes the rules to benefit the pigs.

In “Animal Farm” the pigs took over dictator ship and then changed the rules to benefit the pigs making them higher than the equal and the rules that they changed are better for them because what the pigs changed benefited the most because the other animals wouldn’t start doing what they did because they know that the pigs are higher. Just like in the Harrison Bergeron movie where everyone is equal and if they are better in any way or are unequal in any kind of way they will make them even by making them walk with these big excruciating weights on their arms, legs back, and chest to make them all equal and to the ones who were intelligent or even a bit more thoughtful and active with their thoughts they would be forced to wear a device that shocks their head every time they think of something that they shouldn’t be thinking of.

Comparing “Animal Farm” and the Harrison Bergeron film they both have a death and in “Animal Farm” the death is Snowball the pig who was killed by Napoleon because Napoleon is the dictator and snowball was uprising against him he was helping the other farm animals. Leaders in the Harrison Bergeron film were the government and the man that escaped from the heavily armed jail was considered a genius and an athlete and because of that he was a criminal he was...
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