Bill of Rights

How the Bill of Rights Affects My Life

The Bill of Rights was ratified over two hundred years ago, but yet still affects every American to this day. The Bill of Rights is named for the first ten amendments of the United States. It is used as the base for our rights as Americans and isn't being changed anytime soon. The Bill of Rights was founded by our founding fathers and since then, more amendments have been added.

The first amendment gives the freedom of speech, religion, and petition. Under this, Congress gives us the power to practice any religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. The sixth amendment allows us to the right of trial before a jury. No matter how serious the crime, everyone is given the right to go in front of a judge to receive a fair trial. In my opinion, just these two amendments are strong enough to show the freedom of America. We're able to ask someone as highly ranked as the president a simple question, practicing our religion, or justice in which everyone s trialed equally and fairly.

The eighth amendment gives us the freedom of no cruel punishment, excessive bail, and unusual punishments. No matter how severe the crime or act of violence, we are all given even and fair punishment in our justice system. “At the time of the writing of this amendment guilty people were sometimes pulled into 4 pieces by horses, strangled, burned, branded, disemboweled (their guts cut out), or had their hands cut off or sat in stocks so that others could make fun of them and throw things at them. Today these seem cruel and unusual. So today states use the gas chamber, lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, or the electric chair.” (

In my opinion, the Bill of Rights effects every American today. It is the basis for our Constitution. The Bill of Rights set the stage for the next improvement and growth of our country. Without this,America may not have grown into the powerful nation that we are today....
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