Bill Gates: a Leader in Innovative Technology

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  • Published : November 16, 2008
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Bill Gates: A Leader in Innovative Technology
Richardo Coccia
Baker College
MGT 451R: Management Styles and Strategies
Tim Martin
July 8, 2008

The Microsoft Corporation has been a giant in the software industry for over three decades. The company’s founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, put together an operating system for the computer world that ultimately captured the attention of every one on earth. However, it was Bill’s pure genius and leadership qualities that took software to a level that was unmatched by anyone. Paul was the mastermind behind the hardware that needed Bill’s software to operate effectively. .

Bill Gates: A Leader in Innovative Technology
Everyone in the world wants a computer that is compatible with worldwide technology. Bill Gates is a gigantic leader in that innovative technology field. In spite of being a Harvard drop out, Mr. Gates transformed the revolution of technology into an industry of computer software that is unmatched in recent history.

Gates used the charismatic, transactional, and the transformational styles. While utilizing his charismatic style, Bill Gates used ethics, morals, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and a passion for creating an empire as well as inspiring his subordinates.As noted in Dubrin (2007), leadership is defined as “the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals”. (p.2) Bill Gates showed that ability in a way that has been, for the last three decades, unmatched by anyone. Not only is his mind genius in the creation of software, his leadership at Microsoft Corporation has been the most dignified in recent history. Microsoft has been the world leader for quite some time; however, in these past few years, Gates has opened the door for other companies to make their own software while he has contemplated retirement. Purpose of Study

This study is being conducted to find out how Bill Gates became a leader of one of the most profitable companies in world history. Plain and simple, Bill Gates was and is a genius, pure genius. His leadership in the technology field will be discussed here and it will come to the conclusion that he was a truly great leader in the computing industry.

Limitations of Study
In today’s society, everyone who owns a computer uses software developed by Microsoft. However, there is some competition by other software companies. This study will be limited to the leadership traits that Bill Gates developed, utilized his leadership abilities, and launched the Microsoft Corporation into a world giant. Definition of Terms

Terms that will be mentioned will be abbreviated throughout. Examples would be MS-DOS, which means Microsoft Disk Operating System. The definition of BASIC simply stands for Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Personal Computer will be abbreviated PC. TRW stands for Thompson, Ramo, Woolridge, which is strategically focused on providing products and services with a high technology or engineering content to the automotive and space & defense markets (Lowery, n.d.). Review of Literature

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955. He was born into a very successful and historically rich family. His great-grandfather was a state legislator, his grandfather was a vice-president of a national bank, and his father was a prominent lawyer (Mirick, 1996). Bill’s parents recognized his academic intelligence in elementary school. They decided to enroll him in a private school named Lakeside, known for its intense academic environment. It was at this school that Bill was first introduced to computers. Lakeside needed to find a way to purchase computer time; the school launched a fundraiser and raised a few thousand dollars to buy computer time. The time for computing they had purchased would have lasted into the next school year. However, Lakeside underestimated the allure this...
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