Bill Gates Biography

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Bill Gates Biography

William Henry Gates III was born on October 25, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He was the second child and only son of William Henry Gates Jr., a Seattle attorney, and Mary Maxwell, a former school teacher. He had two sisters, Kristi, who was a year older and became a tax accountant, and Libby, who was nine years younger and lived in Seattle to raise her two children. Bill Gates’s parents had a law career in mind for their son, but he had an early interest in computer science and began studying in the seventh grade at the Seattle private school, Lakeside. At Lakeside, Gates became friends with Paul Allen, a classmate with similar interests in technology who later become his business partner. Gates’s early experiences with computers included debugging programs for Computer Center Corporations PDP-10 and helping computerize power grids for Boneville Power Administration. Gates and Allen founded a firm called Traf-O-Data while still in high school. While working for Computer Center Corporations PDP-10, Gates created probably the first computer virus. Discovering that the machine was connected to a national network of computers called Cybernet, Gates invaded the network and installed a program on the main computer that sent itself to the rest of the network's computers and caused systems to crash. When Gates was found out, he was reprimanded and he kept away from computers for his junior year at Lakeside. Gates made plans in 1970 for college and law school, but in 1971 was back with Allen helping him scheduling program for their school’s computer. He attended Harvard University in 1973 and perused his stories for the next year and a half. But in January of 1975, Allen excitedly showed Gates an article by Popular Mechanics that carried out a story on a $350 microcomputer, the Altair, made by a firm called MITS in New Mexico. From then on Gates knew where he wanted to be: at the forefront of computer design. Gates...
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