Bill Gates

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Bill Gates
By: Cami Tucker

From a functionalist perspective Bill Gates served as a purpose in life developing Microsoft to help out people with their businesses and person life. A functionalist would believe that society would depend on Microsoft and that is why it would have needed to be created. I believe highly that Bill Gates was mostly a functionalist. From a conflict perspective Bill Gates would have looked at the pros and cons of his software. In this situation the pros outweighed the cons and he developed Microsoft, which is one of the most successful software’s ever created. He also would have thought how if he created this software what he would have gained from the software such as wealth. The conflict perspective is why he went from a middle-class citizen to the top of the stratification system. From a symbolic interactionist perspective would have had to of thought of the values and important of the software to the society. Bill Gates also probably though of the way society was ran at the time without computers and thought that the Microsoft program would help society out by organizing life such as businesses and personal life by letting them do many possible things with this software. Each theory has its own social stratification. A functionalist theory is everyone having his or her place of purpose in society. The conflict theory is the have or have-nots of the situation and the interactionist theory focuses on the values of society. All theories can support a concept but are all different stratifications of society. A person moving from wealth from a functionalist perspective would identify their purpose in society and make it clear to themselves how its going to be okay to live in the society as a lower-class person. From a conflict perspective a person would have to see all the good things that they possibly can if they are going to be a lower-class person of society. They would also need to come up with the bad things that may happen to...
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