Bill Gates

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Bill Gates and His Computer Empire
Just past 9 PM on October 28, 1955, the man who would revolutionize the computer industry as we know it, was born. The son of Bill Jr. and Mary Gates was named William Henry Gates III. The computer super-genius was soon to take his place in history. Within the last fifteen years the company that he and Paul Allan started, Microsoft, has become the largest software corporation in the computer industry. What is Bill Gates' background, and how did he preserve his place in history while amassing his fortune? Bill Gates grew up in a typical wealthy family. His father, Bill Gates Jr., was a lawyer in Seattle, Washington. His mother was a socialite housewife and occasional teacher. Growing up, Bill Gates' nickname was "Trey." This nickname was indicative of the III after his name. This nickname has stayed with him throughout his life to date (Wallace and Erikson 10). Bill also grew up as a middle child between his two sisters. His older sister is named Kirsti, and his younger sister's name is Libby (Sihvonen 3). Bill Gates attended Lakeside School (an expensive private school in Seattle) as a child. Bill Gates was first introduced to computers as a student at Lakeside School. A company called Computer Center Corporation (referred to as "C-cubed" by Bill Gates) leased computers from Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1968, the board of Lakeside School decided to provide a computer (a GE PDP-10 connected via Teletype at the school), and computer time for their students (Wallace and Erikson 26). Almost instantly, Bill and a handful of fellow students were addicted to the new computer. Within a year, Bill Gates, Paul Allan, and two other students of Lakeside School formed the Lakeside Programmer's Group. At the age of 13, Bill Gates had already constructed an application (program) that played tic-tac-toe. Later, the Lakeside Programmer's Group developed an application called Traf-O-Data. This was a program that would calculate the number...
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