Bill Gate

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Bill Gate

Bill Gate is the founder of the software company Microsoft (the 2nd most recognized brand in the world as at 2006). He was born in Seattle, Washin gton USA to William H. Gates II and Mary Maxwell Gates. His father Willia m II was a Seattle attorney Bill Gate had his first computer experience at the Lakeside prep school at age 13.Then computers were costly to own, his school used to buy computer time on a DEC PDP-10 owned by General Electric. He would stay in the comp uter room all day and night, writing programs, reading computer literature along with his friend Paul Allen.

In 1971. Bill Gate partnered Paul Allen to start Traf-O-Data. This company produced a small computer which was used to help measure traffic flow. Fr om the project they grossed around $20,000. The Traf-O-Data company lasted until Gates left for college.

In 1975, after dropping out of Harvard, the company Micro-soft was formed (an abbreviation of microcomputer software) by Bill and his partner Allen. Their first deal was with MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Syste ms), the creators of Altair 8800, to distribute Altair BASIC ( a program t hey wrote for Altair 8800). The company was later renamed "Microsoft"® an d went on to completely change the way people use computers. Guided by a b elief that the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop a nd in every home, they began developing software for personal computers. G ates' foresight and his vision for personal computing have been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry. Microsoft started making significant success when Gate licensed MS-DOS c omputer operating system to IBM. The agreement also allows him to market the product to other manufacturer of PC (personal computer).

Under Gates' leadership, Microsoft's mission has been to continually advan ce and improve software technology, and to make it easier, more cost-effec tive and more enjoyable for people to use computers. The company is commit ted to a long-term view, reflected in its investment of approximately $6.2 billion on research and development in the 2005 fiscal year.

In the early 1980s Microsoft introduced its own version of the graphical user interface (GUI), based on ideas pioneered by the Xerox corporation, and further pioneered and developed by Apple. Microsoft released "Windows " as an addition and alternative to their DOS command line, and to compet e with other systems on the market that employed a GUI. By the early 1990 s, Windows had pushed other DOS-based GUIs like GEM and GEOS out of the m arket. The release of Windows 3.0 in 1990 was a tremendous success, selli ng around 10 million copies in the first two years and cementing Microsof t's dominance in operating systems sales. By continuing to ensure, by various means, that most computers came with Microsoft software pre-installed, the Microsoft corporation eventually be came the largest software company in the world, earning Gates enough mone y that Forbes Magazine named him the wealthiest person in the world for s everal years.Gates served as the CEO of the company until 2000, when Stev e Ballmer took the position, and continues to serve as chairman of the bo ard as of November 2006. Microsoft has thousands of patents, and Gates ha s nine patents to his name.

Bill Gates' role Since Microsoft's founding in 1975 and as of 2006, Gates has had primary re sponsibility for Microsoft's product strategy. He has aggressively broadene d the company's range of products, and wherever Microsoft has achieved a do minant position he has vigorously defended it. Many decisions that have led to antitrust litigation over Microsoft's business practices have had Gates ' approval. In the 1998 United States v. Microsoft case, Gates gave deposit ion testimony that several journalists characterized as evasive. He argued over the definitions of words such as: compete, concerned, ask, and we. Bus inessWeek reported:

Despite denials...
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