Bill Cunningham: Illuminating and Inspiring

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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Bill Cunningham New York: Illuminating and Inspiring
What is fashion? Fashion is wearing clothes, shoes, and accessories in the way that you like and sometimes praised by people. Nowadays, there are many magazine, newspapers, websites, and blogs are all about fashion styles. Many photographers take photos of famous stars, rich people, models, and designers’ runways. Bill is a photographer “on the street”, and he doesn’t care who is the person that he is taking the picture of. He only cares if he is interested in the styles that people are wearing or not. I have observed his photos, and I found out that Bill was also very concerned about details. He took picture with specific details such as shoes whether high or low, the hair styles whether they are suitable for the clothing or not, and the accessories whether they are still good looking with the clothing or not. I like this man and this film because Bill is not only working with the fashion, he also concerned about people’s arrangement skills of the clothing and give them comments when he is editing the pictures with his colleagues, he put his whole life with fashion and he is still passionate, and he is recording fashionable elements of details with the whole New York city, likewise, his photo, magazine, and newspaper collections are the fashion history of New York city.

Most importantly, this movie of Bill Cunningham strongly moved me. Bill doesn’t care about food, where he lives, and how people discuss him. Compare with some people who are also in the fashion filed, they will say I only eat healthy food, I only dress in that brand, I love that brand of coffee, and I live in the downtown of Mahhattan. Before I watched this movie I thought all people in the fashion filed will be censorious and selfish, now I kwon that some people are not. Bill is alone; he lives in a tiny room with files of pictures, and he never has a romance during his whole life. Maybe sometimes he goes to mid-night parties in order to...
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