Bill Cosby

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  • Published : November 16, 2009
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From humble beginnings to being a household name, Bill Cosby has influenced millions of people. He has proven to be a successful comedian, product representative, television producer, storyteller, author, and film and television star (Merrit). Throughout his career, he has changed the way African Americans are viewed. He has used his fame and popularity to address sensitive issues in society. He has imbedded values, morals, and teachings into his books and comedy routines. He has been extremely generous and has donated millions of dollars to worthy institutions and organizations. Bill Cosby was born in North Philadelphia on July 12, 1937, at 3:00 am. His parents were originally from Virginia and moved to the North during the Great Depression (Herbert 21). When he was born, his family was lower middleclass (Herbert 21). When Bill Cosby was eight years old, his brother James died from rheumatic fever (Wichterman). Shortly after this family tragedy, his father joined the Navy. At first, his father sent money home to his family, but he soon stopped sending any support. In order to help pay the bills, young Bill began working by shining shoes. By the time, he was eleven he was working fulltime in the summers (Herbert 24). Throughout Bill Cosby’s childhood, his grandfather and mother were his major role models (Herbert 24). Bill Cosby’s grandfather loved to tell stories. (Herbert 24). Most of the stories had a moral point about working hard or getting an education (Herbert 24). In times of struggle, his mother’s sense of humor helped keep him upbeat and not depressed (Herbert 26). Bill Cosby started to show signs of being a good comedian at an early age. He would often crack a joke or do something that would make his mother laugh, in order to get what he wanted (Herbert 27). Bill Cosby’s humor was his way of dealing with the pain and hardships of living in the ghetto (Herbert 27). With his sense of humor, he could turn a painful or sad situation...
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