Bill Clinton: Former President, Role Model, and Fallen Hero?

Topics: Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, President of the United States Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Nick Brillhart
English II
13 December 2011
Bill Clinton: Former President, Role Model, and Fallen Hero? Bill Clinton’s life changed drastically after his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton was impeached from office and the people who once looked up to him, now looked down to him. Bill Clinton is a perfect example of a fallen hero because he gave in to his fondness for women. Bill Clinton lost his job and many other things due to his tragic flaw. Bill Clinton had accomplished many things in his time as president, and this made a good percentage of the United States favor him. Bill Clinton’s achievements “Internationally, he helped resolve the Bosnian civil war, move adversaries in Ireland toward peace, and support the Arab-Israeli peace process” (Bill Clinton: Issues), were large enough to cover up his minor flaws that he originally portrayed. These were some of the many accomplishments that Bill Clinton had achieved. Without gaining the support of the country, Bill Clinton could not be a successful leader. Since so many people admired him, when his downfall came about, more people were affected and offended by his actions, but others had not ridiculed Bill Clinton for what he did. “Despite the personal humiliation Clinton suffered during the impeachment ordeal, he remained resoundingly popular with the American people, although his credibility was severely damaged” (Bill Clinton: The Comeback Kid). People stood by Clinton when his life was turned around, he had previously gained support from the citizens and they returned the favor. Although Bill Clinton's personal life was affected, his political career was in more hot water. Bill Clinton said that he did not have the affair with Monica Lewinsky, but when another allegation came up "However, success abroad was perpetually undercut by congressional investigations about charges of sexual harassment by Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee"(Fredriksen), this...
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