Bilingualism: Second Language

Topics: Second language, French language, English language Pages: 4 (1493 words) Published: April 29, 2013
In this country the English language rules the land. Although English hasn’t exactly always been the official language of America, it is now. In the early period of our country America was basically a melting pot for cultures, languages, religion etc. Things have very much changed since then. English may be the dominant, but millions of Americans speak more than just English at home. Bilingualism is all around us; in a country that is dominated by English I think bilingualism would strengthen the United States.

Bilingualism is not typical but it is common now a days. With a growing number of people that are bilingual, how many are actually fluent? “Writers and journalists routinely use what is called human-interest stories to give presence to issues or arguments”. (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz and Walters 40) Many people can communicate roughly at least in two languages. If bilingualism were to be enforced in schools I believe it would provide minority children with the skills that will help them succeed. Not only will it help them understand the language but with time and practice they will improve and ultimately become fluent in two languages. Knowing more than one language always sounds good and looks even better on a resume’. It just goes to show that the more you know the more your worth. This would only work if it is enforced into the public school systems. “To make a proposal, first establish that a need or problem exists”. (Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz and Walters 280) In this case that would be the bilingual educational program.

While the population of language minority children in the nation makes up a significant part of the student population, it will continue to grow. Wherever we may be ranked as far as education, I’m more than sure there are students out there who want a good education. All students who are willing to learn have the right to be provided with a good education while still maintaining their native language. Bilingual education,...
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