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Bilingualism is the ability to speak multiple languages with equal or nearly equal fluency. Most people become bilingual during childhood or by learning a second language after they acquire their primary language. Bilingual education is a form of education that is presented in multiple languages. Throughout the United States, many schools have several different types of bilingual education programs. Bilingual education involves teaching academic content in a native and a secondary language. English Immersion is a technique for teaching English to students who want to learn English. The main goal of the English Immersion is to teach children English so they can be successful in the United States. Many people feel that the Structured English Immersion program is more effective then bilingual education. After students graduate from the program they continue to receive support until they are classified as fluent English proficient.

I agree with bilingual education. Throughout the United States there is an ongoing debate on bilingual education. Being that the United States has no official national language, many people feel that the use of foreign languages in a threat to the role of the English language. Many people feel that educating in any other language other than English is costly and wasteful. Some individuals don’t see the benefits of bilingual education. Teaching students in more than one language will provide them with what they need to become a successful member of our society. When non-English speaking students are educated in both languages, they will learn English in a more efficient manner. I agree with bilingual education because it gives every student an equal opportunity to learn.

Bilingual education has its ups and its downs in the school system. Bilingual education is very helpful for most students, but there is no consistent support for bilingual education improving English. Bilingual education continues to have support from school...
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