Bilingual: Spanish Language and Friends

Topics: Spanish language, Language, English language Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Cookies! Sneakers! That’s what all my friends call me just because whenever I say those two words, I say them in a funny way because of my accent. You could ask anyone that knows me. I am from Honduras, born and was raised there for half of my life. I speak Spanish and English fluently, it’s a privilege that I have. Most people would love to be able to speak in another language but they can’t. My Spanish is mostly spoken at home or whenever I’m around my family. I speak English at school, when I’m with my friends and at sports. Being bilingual is the best! You have so many advantages that other people might not have. Being from a different country is wonderful. I was raised a little differently than most of my friends and my values are different, too. Having the ability to speak in a different language is amazing. I speak Spanish when ever I’m around family or at home. Whenever my parents talk to me it’s always in Spanish no matter where we are. They always tell me that they don’t want me and my sister to forget how to speak Spanish and that is why it’s a rule at my house, that I’m only allowed to speak in Spanish. Maybe that is why I’m never going to get rid of my accent! I was raised speaking Spanish but at the same time that I was learning Spanish I learned English. I went to a bilingual private school throughout my childhood until I was 8 years old and moved to Tampa. English was very easy for me to learn, my mom used to be an English teacher back in Honduras. I speak English when I’m in school, around my friends, and in sports. It is my second language but to me it feels like it is my first because I’ve known it my entire life. One of the reasons for me having to learn English was that my grandma didn’t know how to speak Spanish, so how was I supposed to communicate with her? That’s why English became a big part of my life, being able to communicate with her made me so happy. Could you image not being able to speak to your own grandma? How...
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