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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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Do Spanish-speaking immigrants have rights to bilingual education? With the increase of the Latino population in New York City during the 1960s caused the school system to be faced with a new issue of language rights. My topic of bilingual education is important because with the increasing presence of Latinos it brings an increasing number of Limited English Proficient Students to the country. Being a first or second generation Latino having a bilingual education makes a difference in one life by causing them to preserve part of their culture. My paper will focus on what exactly is bilingual education, it’s origins, the ways in which it is taught, the successes and failures and what the future holds. According to Bilingual education is a “broad term that refers to the presence of two languages in instructional settings”. Basically bilingual education incorporates both languages in the classroom. It makes students able to communicate in English with other schoolmates and it also helps them to communicate with their parents at home to whom probably only speaks Spanish. Bilingual education is misrepresented in many ways. Some people say it takes longer for students to acquire English, it may caused some students to be confused causing them to speak a little of each language and not knowing any of them fluently. Or people might say that bilingual education is too costly to be implemented in the school system. Bilingual education when compared to other programs for limited English proficient students is the only program that seeks to teach the students both languages and also preserves the student culture. If a student is a second generation Latino and him or her parents speaks only Spanish and the student on the other hand only learns English at school it can cause a culture block between parent and child. The child will know some Spanish but if he or she is strictly taught English then that would become the student native language. But if he or...
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