Bikes Are Better Than Cars

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Bikes Are Better Modes of Transportation
Than Cars for College Students

As I was getting ready to leave for college, my dad asked me if I wanted a bike. I thought he was joking, so I just looked at him and laughed. Where I am from, riding bikes to school is not really cool, and what I really wanted was a car. When I told him that, he just laughed at me. He tried to tell me that a bike would be better than a car, but I was not trying to hear that. I told him I would rather walk than ride a bike to class every day. Now after being in school for three weeks, I see exactly what my dad was talking about. Bikes are way better than cars, especially when living on campus, because it seems as though the college tries to squeeze every dime out of you for having a car. I would love to have a bike now. Walking to all of my classes is not always fun; especially when the temperature feels like it is over a hundred degrees outside. It usually only takes me fifteen minutes to walk from my dorm to my classes, but when I am walking in the heat, carrying all of my books, the walk feels so much longer. So now you are probably wondering why I would rather have a bike than a car. Well if I had a bike, I would be able to get to my classes faster. If there was a basket on the bike, I would not have to worry about carrying all of my books I. Now you may be wondering how I could possibly get to class faster riding a bike than in a car. Well the answer is simple; if you drive you usually have to wait in traffic for a while. Then, you also have to make sure your vehicle is registered with the school and you have a parking permit. Even with the parking permit, you are only allowed to park in certain places. This can get aggravating sometimes because space is limited in the lots they have for you to park in. After finding a place to park, you still end up having to walk to your classes. Then you could also be at risk of getting a ticket if you do not have a permit or...
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