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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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Steven Kyle Falk
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Dan Putscher

“Book Report”
The book, Behind the Patch, is a personal experience with what the author saw going on in a law enforcement motorcycle club. The author, Karen Katz, probes into such topics as the law enforcement and outlaw biker controversies over the formation of the clubs; the history of the clubs; the purpose of the clubs; their political structure, and the role of women among other things. It also gives an extensive view in the history of a law enforcement motorcycle club. Basically, this book gives all the proper information on how to join and become an understandable law enforcement motorcycle club rider. Police officers were the ones who originally started and shared a passion for riding motorcycles created their own unique hybrid subculture in order to restore a sense of brotherhood and belonging among themselves. The author talks about the main features of their subculture. The main ones are brotherhood, the wearing of colors with the 3-piece back patch, and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in group formation. These features hold symbolic meanings for the club members and serve important functions within the subculture. Through motorcycling, Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs provide their members with meaningful social participation and interpersonal relations, which re-establishes meaning and a sense of purpose in their lives. This book tells the stories of some club members to get their story on how they want the citizens to perceive what they do in their clubs. The author gives some information on how their political organization works. It consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, road captain, and sergeant-at-arms. Localized groups of a single, large motorcycle club are called chapters or charters, and the first chapter established for a motorcycle club is referred to as the mother chapter. The president of the mother chapter serves as the president of the...
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