Bigmac vs Whopper

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  • Published : May 11, 2008
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Big Mac Vs Whopper

My reason for writing this paper is to provide information on McDonalds’ Big Mac and Burger Kings’ Whopper. The information will help you decide which one meets your standards best: Whether it is its taste or its value. In today’s society the fast food nation is sky rocketing in business, and wherever you go, there will always be a competition between different fast food businesses.

First off, many people like to consider the cost of something when it comes to purchasing. At McDonalds, the cost of a Big Mac value meal is $3.59 not including taxes. The price of a Whopper meal, according to, is $3.69. It’s obvious that the big Mac is cheaper than the Whopper, but, is it worth ten cents less? The size is important as well. Even though they both have names that mean big, one is definitely bigger. The big Mac is 7.5 ounces and the Whopper is 10.1 ounces according to Wikipedia. So it is obvious that the Whopper wins in the size category.

Although taste could be a topic to discuss it is still an essential part of the decision process. In the most recent polls taken, people have preferred the Whopper over the Big Mac; they said it was just better tasting all together (

What is the point of worrying about if something is good or big enough to eat if you have no where to get your big Mac or Whopper? That’s why it’s important to find something you like and have an abundance of them. In the United States, there are 12,804 McDonalds’, according to Nation Master online. For Burger King there are 11,100 restaurants across the United States. ( So it’s clear that McDonalds’ has more restaurants across the nation than Burger King, so if you are in the mood for some fast food there will be more McDonalds than Burger Kings near you. If you are looking for different ways to order your sandwich there are 221,184 possible ways to have it your way for the whopper and only 124 different ways to...
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