Biggest Challenges in Human Resources Today

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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The Biggest Challenges in Human Resource Today

Today's human resource manager faces big challenges in the workplace. In keeping competitive and successful in today's local and global market, facing diversity, environmental consciousness, keeping current talent and attracting new talent, motivating employees, developing the structure of the workplace, all the while keeping standards, beliefs, values, and ethics of company in mind. Training employees to be more involved in the global market and economy is one of the challenges human resource managers face today. With the growing local and global economy, it is beneficial for the employee as well as the company to be trained and knowledgeable in the customs, beliefs and values of other countries when doing business. This will keep the organization competitive in the market. Also, being aware of the organization's environmental impact is a challenge for the human resource manager. As the company does business and produces its product, the environment should not be ignored. With today's regulations and standards set for environmental protection, the human resource manager needs to be versed in these regulations and ensure to stay within those guidelines. This is on a local level as well as a global one. This type of environmental diversity can be challenging but also rewarding when approached in the best way to suit the company. Diversity in the workplace as well as facing diversity challenges of other local and global organizations is another challenge of today's human resource manager. Each person is different in his or her personal beliefs, values, and ethics. It is the human resource managers job to become aware and be able to work with the employees in an understanding manner. The organization also has its own culture of values, beliefs and ethics. It is The human resource manager's job to cultivate the workplace standards and set a good example in keep up with those standards.
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