Bigfoot and Peaceful Yeti

Topics: Bigfoot, Yeti, Cryptozoology Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: March 23, 2008
Existence of Yetis
The existence of yetis, also known as sasquatches, is really unknown. Stories of yeti confrontations vary beyond reason. Most of these stories are found in Native American legends (Stonehill 1). Theories are so outrageous that doubt flourishes.

A yeti is a large bear or gorilla like mammal that is mainly found in the Himalayas. It is a biped which means that it walks on its two hind feet, upright. From a distance, it can resemble a human being. A yeti has bear-like footprints and lives approximately twenty-thousand feet in altitude. They are often referred to as sasquatches because they have been known as sleeping bag snatchers (“Yeti” 2).

In Nepal, yetis are valued as part of their community, keep in mind that Nepal is near the Himalayas. Yetis are told to be symbols or warnings of upcoming events. Supposedly, when a major conflict was about to occur, someone would see a peaceful yeti in its environment. The inhabitants of Nepal do not like people killing yetis. There is an abominable snowman form that you must fill out if you have seen a yeti while you were in Nepal. It is a highly punishable crime if you don’t (Abominable Snowmen X, XI).

One questionable story involving the pursuit of abominable snowmen is when the two sons of former president Theodore
Abominable snowmen have allegedly been around for hundreds of years. They are well known in Tibetan areas. The word “snowman” in those areas means “man-bear.” This may be a contribution of the antagonist called the “man-bear-pig” from an episode of South Park. This is one of many contributions to the media that abominable snowmen have made (Stratus 1).

Throughout history, sasquatches have been encountered. Accounts of these encounters are never proven true. One of the most famous is told by Albert Ostman. He was camping by Vancouver when he woke up and noticed that his camp had been distressed. Later that night, he was dragged approximately twenty-five miles in his sleeping...
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