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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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Big Skinny Wallets
Big Skinny Wallets

University of Hartford

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University of Hartford

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John Lantye Robertson IV

John Lantye Robertson IV

John Lantye Robertson, IV
1. Situational Audit
a. Industry Analysis: Online Shopping Industry
i. Market Structure
1. Wallet industry export revenue in 2007 was 448 million 2. Estimates from various analysts suggest the global market was worth around US$500 billion in 2009 3. The United States is the world leader, followed by the United Kingdom and Japan. Total e-commerce sales in the United States during 2009 were estimated at US$134.9 billion, an increase of 2% on 2008, according to the US Commerce Department. ii. Competitor Advantage

4. Major retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, etc. 5. Slim
a. Another Thin Wallet Company
b. Start-up Wallet company, not much feed.
6. Allett
c. Thinnest Wallet Company
d. The World’s Thinnest Wallet has been featured in articles such as, The New York Times, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The San Diego Business Journal, and many more publications e. Celebrity endorsement from Clark Howard

7. Mighty Wallet
f. A thin wallet company
iii. End User Analysis
8. Trendy crowds
9. Male & Female buyers who are looking for a sleek product b. Enterprise Analysis
iv. Administrative Heritage
10. Kiril Alexandrov
g. Big Skinny CEO
11. Catherine Alexandrov’
h. Marketing Director
v. Capabilities Audit
12. Core Strengths
i. the original Big Skinny “sport” wallets were made entirely from nylon microfiber, they were durable,...
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