Big Screens Big Failure Case Study

Topics: David Duchovny, Fox Mulder, Feature film Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Heed this warning: Whatever you do, do not go see Playing God. Don't listen to what your friends have to say about it. Avoid Playing God at all costs.

Simply put, Playing God is a terrible film that is embarrassing and humiliating for all those involved, especially David Duchovny. His first feature film after his rise to television and Internet fame as Special Agent Fox Mulder of The X-Files, Playing God was supposed to launch the actor's big screen career. Instead, Playing God is such a failure that it is sure to turn into what Point Break was for Keanu Reeves: a showcase of his worst acting surrounded by an even worse plot and characters.

Duchovny plays Eugene Sands, a L.A. junkie who used to be a L.A. surgeon until his medical license was revoked for performing surgery while under the influence of amphetamines. He crosses paths with Raymond Blossom, played by Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, Beautiful Girls), a ruthless criminal who hires Eugene to treat associates he needs to keep alive, either for information or for personal reasons. Eugene gets caught up in Raymond's dangerous dealings and finds himself trapped between his drug use, his desire to practice medicine again, and Raymond, who refuses to leave the good doctor alone. The plot thickens as a pseudo-relationship develops between Eugene and Raymond's girlfriend Claire, played by Angelina Jolie (Hackers).

The premise isn't even that interesting. Playing God is a terrible movie simply because there's nothing good about it. The lame voiceovers by Duchovny are almost redundant and the portrayal of Eugene as a MacGuyver-esque doctor was simply absurd. Saving a guy's life with an Evian bottle and a wire hanger? Come on. The movie's romanticized comparison between doctors and God is idealistic and foolish at best. The movie is also packed with senseless violence, mindless profanity, and way too much blood.

The characters are all horribly underdeveloped as well, seemingly to give Duchovny more...
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