Big Five Personality Traits

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BI Nydalen

Case “Generous to a Fault?”.

Question for Discussion

What particular Big Five personality traits and what elements of core self-evaluation appear to characterize Mr. Feuerstein?

World needs modern heroes .World needs stories of peoples success , models of success and if this involve on the way also someone who is a Good Samaritan then it is just perfect . Humanity lived another day. Hope is back and without any capitalistic cynicism : hunting down the rich is postponed….. A round of applause for Mr. Aaron Feuerstein.

Financial successful people and their ways to became successful are filling the pages of world most famous magazines . People look up to them like models and they want to became like them , and copy them , and became successful . The story missing sometime is the way “the successful people” make it to the top , and decisions they have to take, and not just their own sacrifices made it on the way but also “sacrificing” other peoples ways , maybe lives…. Aaron Feuerstein is the story missing of our days . We have a successful business man who Made It , by helping other people and being first of all a Good Samaritan and then a good business men. Influencing people around him to see his vision and take it upon them self’s , transforming it into a common goal . He help them in order to be helped by them with a happy , glorious ending where all their individual and common sacrifices triumph into a better life for everybody.

Mr. Feuerstein level of empathy is very high and he sympathize with people feeling their problems as his own problems . He actually see his employees equally members of his family and treat them as ones. ”…after all , they gave many years of their lives to the company...
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