Big Five Personality Test Synopsis

Topics: Personality psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: June 8, 2012

Aaron C. Potter
June 6, 2012

The Big Five personality test, this test was supposed to find out how a person ticks. It was going to show if a person was introvert or extrovert, caring or rude, organized or lazy, shy or outgoing. However the validity of the Big Five personality test comes into question because of the way a person has to answer the question. Their where five dots to fill in, 1 being strongly disagree to 5 being strongly agree with 2 3 4 in the middle. Now this is where it gets tricky, each person who would take this test will either fly through it without really considering each question or they will simply click strongly disagree or agree. Also this test can be taken as many times as a person wants to take it, which means if they do not like their first results they can go back to the test and retake it till they think it suits them. That is where the validity goes out the window. It can also stand to have more questions of the same nature so that if a person answers the same question differently it should be taken out, or at least when the subject goes back to take it again, the questions should be changed and not be the same. On the stand point of each person saying that their individual tests depicted them accurately goes back to the validity. However each team member stated that their test results were completely accurate to a T. With tests you should not be able to go back to change an answer so that the results should depict something that is not true .According to “The validity of personality test”(1999) When a person takes a test, the person goes through mental processes so as to provide an answer. The test maker assumes that the person's processes reflect what the test is trying to measure. For example, if the test is measuring ability at mathematical problem solving, then the individual's mental processes should reflect problem solving rather than, say, remembering an answer that they...
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