Big Five Personality Test Results

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  • Published : October 19, 2012
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After taking the Big Five Personality Test, I found the results to be very accurate. My results were: 7th percentile in Openness to experience/intellect, 69th percentile in Conscientiousness, 31st percentile in Extraversion, 90th percentile in Agreeableness, and 27th percentile in Neuroticism. The results tell me that I that prefer traditional and familiar experiences, which is accurate for the most part. I do prefer familiar experiences but I am also not afraid of new experiences. I am very well-organized and reliable and I am good-natured, courteous and supportive to others. The results also say that I tend to shy away from social situations. This is the least accurate of the results. I am a shy person but after I am comfortable with my surroundings I become an outgoing person. The Neuroticism trait say that I am generally relaxed, which is very true. I do not let things bother me and I just like being calm and not having to worry about everything.

I was very surprised of how much this personality test was accurate. I did not expect it to be so accurate since other tests I have taken were not. I believe that these results will be relevant to my career choice, which is an accountant. Accountants need to be relaxed and able to handle working under pressure. Also, accountants need to be very well-organized. Since I was in the 8th grade, I always wanted to become an accountant. I believe that I will be able to become an accountant and that my personality is a good personality for an accountant.
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