Big Fish

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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In the movie Big Fish, there were many creative elements used to portray the story. Being relatable in a story makes it easier understand. Many of the events that took place, may have been slightly fabricated, but are events that have happened to us. Meeting your love of your life, for example. It is said that “time stands still when you see your future spouse”, and honestly it does. Technically the earth does not stop moving, it is just a moment where nothing else matters but the one you see. Another element used in this movie is adventure. Always new people to meet and places to go, keeps the person on the edge of their seat. The movie has lots of characters with special traits and they all seem to have an important meaning to the protagonist. Edward Bloom always kept adding on to his story and he specifically embellished certain aspects to embed the story into our brains. Edward embellished people, places, and even events.

Mr. Bloom and his son were two of the main characters in this story. In the beginning, Edward’s son was angry, resentful, and thought his father was a liar. Edward would tell these stories about his life, but because of their greatness, his son thought he lied. Edward would say, “I am just a big fish in a small pond”. There was a great distance between Edward and his son. Some time passed and his father got sick. He was cleaning out his pool when a large fish swam by him. He did not understand what it meant in the beginning, but near the end of the movie, he found out. By talking to a lady about his father and asking questions, she was able to clear up many uncertainties he had. The stories were true. When his father was lying down in the hospital, the doctor also confirmed his father’s stories. Edward had begun to believe his father and their relationship had become stronger. On the night of his death, Edward woke up next to his son and asked how he was supposed to die. His son told the story of his death and not long after, Edward...
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