Big Fat Liability

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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Big Fat Liability

2. In your opinion, should the food and restaurant industries be held liable for the rise of obesity, or not? That is, which side do you support and why?

The food and restaurant industries should not be held solely reliable for the rise of obesity. The individual should hold some responsibility for the foods they chose to consume. If it’s a minor that is obese than the parents should hold responsibility because they play a large role in the foods they eat. Restaurants should make labels more visible and stress the importance of healthy eating so that they will not be held liable for obesity. I am in the middle of the fence I think both parties are responsible because we as humans choose what we consume on a day to day basis. Food and restaurant industries are in the business to make a profit so they are not so much worried about the audience they attract long as they are making a profit.

3. What do you thinks is the best solution to the obesity epidemic? What roles can the food and restaurant industries, trial attorneys, government policymakers and regulators, and individual consumers play in a solution, if any?

The best solution to the obesity epidemic is for both the food and restaurant industries as well as the consumers need to reach an agreement that focus solely on healthier eating and lifestyles. All parties play a big roles in the solution together each accomplish more from advertisement, prices, labels and laws that prohibit obesity and the things that lead up to the choices individuals make. As a consumer once the rules and regulations are available to consumers then it’s up to them to make better choices far as what they eat and the calorie intake for healthier eating and lifestyles.

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