Big Cities vs Small Towns

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I> Thesis statement: Although some parents and educators oppose same-sex classes, there is some evidence that separating boys and girls in the middle school yields positive result. II> A. 2. a. Girls are creative thinkers and risk-takers as adults. b. Boys gain confidence when they do not have to compete with girls. B. + Opposing argument 2: separate classes send the message that males and females cannot work together. + Rebuttal to argument 2: children constantly interact with members of the opposite sex outside school. C. + Opposing argument 3: same-sex education is that it is discriminatory and, therefore, unconstitutional. + Rebuttal to argument 3: discrimination is widespread in mixed classes. a. Boys dominate discussions and receive more attention than girls. b. Teachers call boys more often.

D. a. Boys and girls pay less attention to each other and more attention to their schoolwork. b. Girls are more relaxed and ask more questions, are less fearful of making mistakes and asking questions in math and science. c. Boys are less disruptive and more focused, are less inhibited about sharing their ideas in language and literature.

2. While the sale of CDs with the songs containing lyrics that degrade women should be prohibited, this message is advisable that parents don’t allow their children to mindlessly consume such music, but ultimately, sex sells. 3. Although television sometimes has bad influence to people, especially for children, it also a great invention of modern times because of its applicableness and usefulness. 4. Although environmental protection laws go too far, I believe that it has a lot of advantages for our planet. 5. While many people believe that advertising industry performs many public services, others think it makes people confused when they want to choose any of its. 6. I...
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