Big Changes for a Small Hospital

Topics: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Management Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Big Changes for a Small Hospital
Stephen W. Pore
BUS 660- Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
Instructor Carolyn Broner
January 21, 2013

Many businesses regarding leadership attempt to build a positive future that relates to the developing of the organization in which they are part of. In the medical industry many obstacle are presented to the leadership of the organization, such as future patient, facility maintenance, and employee satisfaction. In this paper, the Big Change for a Small Hospital Minicase questions regarding situational leadership factors will be discussed.

Consider the factors from the situational leadership theory outlined in Figures 13.4 and apply these factors to Jacobs and Windber. In the mini-case the factors that Jacob faced at Windber Medical facility ask three factors; what is the task to be accomplished, what was the level of follower readiness, and what leadership style will be explain for his style purpose? The main situation of this case was that Jacobs overtook the role as president of the Windber Medical facility and recognize many issues that may be the reason or cause of the facility becoming a suspected falling facility. The issues that Jacobs noticed in the situation of the small scale medical facility were: The employees were paid much less than their counterparts, insufficiency of infrastructure and facilities, and decreasing financial resources. According to Hughes et al, regarding the follower readiness in the case is likely to be moderate at the level of S3. Jacobs has begun using developmental interventions and shifted to a delegating style to increase follower development on certain, specific tasks. The employee’s interest was not coherent with Jacobs’s new direction in those changing times. By observing all of these issues the main obstacle was Jacobs needed to transform the medical facility in the opposite direction and rescue the facility from becoming another fallen target to...
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