Big Business Is Only for Making Money!

Topics: Hong Kong, Hong Kong dollar, Inflation Pages: 2 (860 words) Published: May 28, 2011
Big business is not only about making money??
Running a big business, an unfathomably huge amount of capital is the basic requirement. Employing thousands of employees, setting up branches all over the city and providing a large-scale production to meet the enormous demand are impossible to the one who is short of funds. Last year, Café de Coral group, one of the biggest companies in Hong Kong, whose fast food chain was boycotted due to it exploitation of labour. It gave its frontline staff a nominal HK $2 per hour increase while withdrawing their free lunch break, effectively lowering rather than raising their overall salaries. Some even censure that what big business is doing is nothing but making money. In fact, that’s what’s happening in Hong Kong. Most big businesses in Hong Kong are now cornering the markets in different aspects. Ranging from food to housing, people are under the control of several big companies. For instance, certain supermarkets can be found at every corner of Hong Kong. Can you imagine what it would be like to live without these supermarkets? As the big businesses have monopolized the market, finding a supermarket which dose not belong to any of these big companies is as difficult as getting blood out of the rock. Tiny enterprises, such as grocery stores may find it hard to survive these days. The evil conduct of some of the great companies also does harm to the public. Take a look at the sky-rocketing property prices and you will surely understand what I mean. Candidly speaking, the dominating real estate agencies should take a part of the blame. Nowadays, buying housing is almost a mission impossible to the masses. The average monthly income a university graduate is less than HK $10000. So how many years he or she would need to work in order to buy a housing of several million Hong Kong dollars? That’s why the passive multitude can just throw in the towel and succumb to this inconvenient truth. Without question, most big businesses...
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