Big Brother Isnt Watcing You

Topics: The Guardian, Sarcasm, Riot Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: March 11, 2013
”Big Brother isn’t watching you”
Void versus community spirit. These two feelings are feelings humans all across the world must deal with every day. They feel like missing out on something because the society doesn’t give them the space needed to become a success. In the summer of 2011 rioters in England drew the government’s attention to the fact that they felt neglected and overlooked in the society. In the commentary “Big Brother isn’t watching you” posted on The Guardian website, the English comedian, actor, musician and writer, Russell Brand explains the rioter’s motive for the 2011 UK riots.

Russell Brand currently lives in Los Angeles but he still has a strong connection to his native country and therefore the riots in the UK have also become his problem. In the commentary he describes the situation seen from his point of view. Russell Brand uses an overload of sarcasm and irony to describe his position on the riots. He is very sarcastic about the way the 2011 UK riots have been handled and uses sarcasm to point out his dissatisfaction with the UK government. His attitude to the 2011 UK riots is that it is a common problem, which must be solved jointly. Russell Brand is very astonished at the way the rioters are being described as “mindless”. “However “unacceptable” and “unjustifiable” it might be, it has happened so we better accept it and, whilst we can’t justify it…and work out why so many people feel utterly disconnected from the cities they live in” (lines 55-57). This quotation shows that Russell Brand can agree on the fact that the riots are unacceptable and unjustifiable but what is done cannot be undone. In his opinion the government should focus on why the rioters are doing as they do instead of focus on the fact that they burned down houses and ruined shops and so on.

The style in which Russell Brand has written this commentary is very no-nonsense and harsh. He makes no secret of his attitude on the 2011 UK riots. Russell Brand...
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