Big Brother Isnt Watching You

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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‘’Big Brother isn’t watching you’’

In 2011 between 6 and 10 August, London was tormented by riots where there were thousands of people in streets and the high amount of people resulted in chaos and a high level of police activity. The riots that are deemed to come from the economic class triggered a debate among political, social and academic figures. The debatable question is what caused the riots and who to blame. English comedian, actor, singer and famous TV person, Russell Brand, comments on the debate about the riots in London in his commentary ‘’Big Brother isn’t watching you’’, from The Guardian website 2011.

As said before Russell Brand is an English actor, comedian and is not a person who normally finds himself in a political debate, so therefor his commentary on the UK riots is rather unusual. Even though, Russell Brand is English he does not live in England, but in Los Angeles in the United States where he has become very famous and rich. The purpose with his commentary is to come up with a reason why the riots are occurring. By reason of the fact that he is English and came from the economic class, which he tells in his commentary he is very sympathetic with the riots even though, he is not in the economic class anymore, but as he says in the text: ‘’I grew up round Dagenham and Romford and, whilst I could never claim to be from the demographic most obviously affected, I feel guilty that I’m not there now’’. Here you can see his compassion and sympathy with the young people in the riots and that he can relate to them, even though he has become rich and famous. Brand wants to know why the riots are occurring and he is very surprised by seeing that the behaviour of the riots is called ‘’unjustifiable’’ and ‘’unacceptable’’, because when saying that you only blame the riots, and he says: ‘’However, ‘’unacceptable’’ and ‘’unjustifiable’’ it might be, it has happened so we better accept it and, whilst we can’t justify it, we should kick around a...
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