Big Brother: American Privacy

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Summer Dickerson Dickerson 1 Professor Maruyama
English 1A
7 October 2012

The Insidious Attack on American Privacy:
Big Brother is Watching
Americans are under attack. More specifically, privacy as many Americans understand it, is vanishing into thin air. As a matter of fact, with the increase of technology specified to monitor activities from web browsing to current location, privacy is beginning to resemble a thought instead of a right. George Orwell’s 1984 serves equally important in grasping why Americans are currently losing the battle against privacy. Correspondingly, Orwell provides the reader with haunting examples of monitoring devices used to control privacy, such as, “Thought Police”, “Police Patrols”, and “ Telescreens.” While these examples are fictitious, and serve as entertainment to the reader, in reality Americans are under surveillance at all times whether inconspicuous or forthright. Once thought as intimate to the individual, the impending loss of privacy due to constant surveillance, is not only invasive and crude- but surprisingly treacherous. Unless American Society decides to safe-guard private materials, and secure important information without being duped by privacy scams, America will walk in fear, always being watched and manipulated. Further, in analyzing privacy concerns, children and youth are the most vulnerable to a number of privacy threats. Moreover, the attack on American youth’s privacy is evident in cases such as: data captured from web surfing, surveys that ask sensitive questions about themselves and their families, and profiling tools (Mosaic) to identify youth who are supposedly predisposed to...
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