Big Bad Burger

Topics: Business intelligence, Decision making, Data management Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: October 22, 2012
The Brain Behind the Big, Bad Burger
Section 1: Analysis
Most Americans will consume any food regardless of the calories, nutritional value and health related consequences. The Brain behind the Big, Bad Burger article mentions the importance of using a Business Intelligence System (BIS) which “provides them with insights, not just mountains of data” (Levison, 2005). Business Intelligence gets its strength from being able to pull data from disparate sources store it for use in a loosely coupled way, and then pull it out in an accurate and meaningful way. Organizations can pull data from customer surveys and sales reports; however, this information is useless without a framework. Jeff Chasney, CKE’S CIO clarified this point further by stating "There's nothing worse, in my opinion, than a business intelligence system that reports changes on a weekly basis, he says, because those systems don't provide any context as to what factors are influencing those changes. Without that context, you don't know whether the data is good or bad; it's just useless” (Levison, 2005). BIS gathers information from various data points in the company to create multifaceted contextual statistics for better decision making. For example, BIS helped CKE determine if the Thickburger was actually contributing to increases in sales at restaurants or if it was just cannibalizing sales of other, lesser burgers. CKE Thickburger in fact did increase their sales “it was selling like gangbusters”. The success was measured through a variety of data points including cost of production, average unit volume compared with other burgers, total sales for each of the test stores, and the contribution of that menu item to total sales (Levinson, 2005). The Monster Thickburger exceeded expectations in test market, and this is why CKE decided to roll it out nationwide. Section 2: Summary of Discussion Questions

1. BIS add values to CKP by focusing on the company's most important performance indicators...
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