Bicentennial Man

Topics: Emotion, Human, Thought Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: May 28, 2013
BiCentennial Man
In BiCentennial Man, Andrew changes his appearance so drastically that he looks exactly like a human being. I believe that even though Andrew isn’t technically a human on the inside, he could still be considered a human being because of his ability to sense emotions and have feelings. For example, one of the human vocations are that humans are blessed with a conscience, and Andrew displays that he does possesses a conscience when he realized that Little Miss was upset with him for breaking her toy, so he made her another one to make her happy. Furthermore, another human vocation is that humans are called to happiness and holiness; Andrew showed that he was happy when he was with the people he loved, like Little Miss and Portia. He showed happiness when he was making clocks and it showed that he enjoyed it. The vocation that states that humans have passions or feelings is something else that is shown by Andrew in BiCentennial man. For example, when Andrew is told to jump out the window, he realizes that it is not the best feeling in the world so later, when he is asked if he wants to look out the window he refuses, because he feels fear. Also, when he learns that Portia is engaged he feels jealousy because he does not want her to be with anyone but him. Another vocation that Andrew displays is where it states that humans are rational and free. For example, in the movie Andrew shows that he wants to be free, free from being in the service of his owner, which he eventually gets consent for. Additionally, he also shows that he is rational and sensible when he asks for the Martin family’s consent to free him rather than just leave. Throughout the movie Andrew shows many emotions, feelings, and thoughts that make him human emotionally if not physically. In conclusion, Andrew’s 200 year quest to become human was finally achieved, by the end of the movie.
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