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Annotated Bibliography

The Positive Effects of Social Media

Following the Fashionable Friend: The Power of Social Media. (2011). Journal of Advertising Research, 51(1), 313-32. This article explained that, the effect of brand advertising in social media is better than traditional media. Researchers analyzed the data which collected from 7 popular blogs and 7 famous online magazines. The research results showed that social media stimulated purchase intention and generated better publicity. However, this article just focused on two forms of social media; therefore, the research results are not comprehensive. However, this article is relevant because it provides fact basis and theory for explaining how social media expended advertising strategies to sell products and services.

Laroche, M., Habibi, M., & Richard, M. (2013). To be or not to be in social media: How brand loyalty is affected by social media?.International Journal Of Information Management, 33(1), 76-82. In this study, the researchers showed that, brand communities base on social media have positive effects on brand trust and loyalty positively. A survey with 441 respondents examined this perspective. However, the researchers surveyed only 441 individuals in a population of millions, and just focus on single moderating and facility of community on social media; therefore, these results may not be statistically significant. However, this study is relevant because it provides fact basis and theory for explaining how social media enhances company culture and brand awareness.

Rodriguez, M., Peterson, R. M., & Krishnan, V. (2012). Social Media's Influence on Business-To-Business Sales Performance. Journal Of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 32(3), 365-378. In this study, the researchers showed that, social media has positive relationship with sales process and sales performance. Researchers used the data which were collected from 1,699 B2B salespeople from different...
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