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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Abdul Azim bin Abdul Nasser
LING 101
Instructor: Cassandra Bishop
December 13, 2011
Draft 2

A Bibliographic Essay on the Escape from Zombie Land

“Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” by Ali S. Khan published in Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website generally discuss the “what-if” situation when it comes to a zombie attack and how to deal with it. The fact that Khan discussed interesting topic in his article with catchy title about “zombie apocalypse”, this draws my attention to go through more in depth about this topic. I realized many are talking about the same subject as well on the realm of net and then stumbled across so many other articles similar to Khan’s. I decided to choose three other articles to be compared to the Khan’s article in this essay. I find that every each of the articles is unique on its own way of delivering the idea on preparation to face the zombie apocalypse with some other interesting added value and facts, while being distinctively in their own identity. In the previous essay, I have discussed in depth about the “Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” article and how the whole article comes together. It is a fairly short and compact article on how to prepare when it comes to a zombie apocalypse. However, all of the tips given in the article are more on basic preparations that can be applied when it comes to natural disaster emergency as well making the article less intriguing. Apart from that, the article also added points on essentials meaning and history about zombies and how zombies penetrate the modern world and society. The excitement in the essay comes from the part where the author talks about a fiction medical paper wrote by Steven Scholzma, a Harvard psychiatrist that referred zombie could be a disease called Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome and it is infectious, thus bring...
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